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There are many alternatives to get to the city center from Colorado Springs Airport. You can take an airport shuttle bus or a taxi, you can request airport shuttle service from your hotel, rent a car or enjoy a limousine. You can call the airport operation office on weekdays between 08:00 - 17:00 at phone number 719-5501900 to find the best option for you from all these transport options, or you can ask for help at the operations desk when you arrive at the airport.

Car Rental

Seven different car rental companies, both domestic and international, are serving at the airport. You can find check-in desks for these companies in the luggage delivery area. To go to the city center, go west on E. Proby Pkwy Street and connect to the I-25S motorway. You can reach the city center in about 20 minutes under normal traffic conditions by following this route.


Three separate taxi companies that serve at the airport transport the passengers to the city center in an average of 20 minutes. The cost of going to the city center by taxi varies between 25 and 40 dollars.

Shuttle Bus and Minivan

With Grayline and Ramblin Express shuttle buses, you can reach the city center at a reasonable price. Seven separate companies in the airport also organize shuttle minivan services for crowded groups or those looking for more special services.


Seventeen companies provide limousine service at the airport. You should contact these companies in advance and make reservations for a comfortable and spectacular journey.

Hotel Services

There are airport shuttle services for eleven hotels in Colorado Springs. You must remember to book in advance so that you can benefit from this service. The time of arrival from the airport to the hotel varies between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the distance of the hotel.

Colorado Springs Airport is not too far from the city centre and you can choose from many alternatives such as taxis, buses, shuttles, limousines or carsharing vehicles to get to the city centre from the airport. You can take one of the cosy taxis waiting in front of the airport at any time of the day to travel to city centre directly or enjoy a cost-effective ride by traveling with crowded groups by shuttles or shared-use vehicles. If you would like to rent a luxury vehicle to travel to city centre from the airport, you can choose between many limo rental companies serving at the airport. There are also shuttle services available for passengers who want to travel to city centre or ski resorts.

Another alternative at the airport is carsharing companies such as Lyft. By downloading the required application on your mobile phone, you can call one of the vehicles nearby. You can also consider renting a car from many international rent-a-car companies located at the airport as an alternative to all these transfer vehicles. Rent-a-car companies are open for business for most of the day. Compared to other alternatives, renting a car provides you the opportunity to travel easily within the city centre or vicinity with no time or route restrictions.


Buses would be one of the first choices if you wish to use public transportation to travel to city centre. You can contact the Gray Line buses which transport passengers to city centre or nearby settlements by calling (719) 633-1181 or (800) 345-8197 to get information you may need such as bus routes or departure times. For the Ramblin Express Charter buses you can call (719) 590-8687 or (800) 772-6254. You can buy tickets before getting on the bus for an economic and fast journey. You can get information about bus departure points stationed outside the terminal or other matters you wish to know about by contacting the information desks at the airport.


Limousines are also a popular vehicle of transportation for traveling to city centre from the Colorado Springs Airport. Limousines, driven by chauffeurs, take passengers from the gates of airport terminal and bring them anywhere in the city centre swiftly. To contact and make reservation you can call (719) 661-1476 for Along Came Carol Concierge Services, (303) 731-3300 for American Eagle Limousine and Car Service, 694-5200 or (855) 757-7433 for Awesome Ride Service, (719) 243-3365 or (888) 602-5014 for A Ride In Luxury, (719) 510-6319 for Colorado Travel Solutions, LLC, (719) 499-3481 for Dan's Towne Car Service, (719) 634-8119 DDG Classic Limousines or (303) 577-7600 or (877) 777-9890 for Hermes Worldwide Transportation. There are also other alternative limousine rental companies you can find at or around the airport. If you decide to rent a limousine when you land at the airport, you can go to information desks in the terminal to get relevant support. Your rental vehicle will be ready in minutes.


Passengers who need a large vehicle with a higher passenger capacity when traveling to city centre from the airport may consider renting a shuttle. To contact and make reservation for the shuttle companies that provide shuttle services on this route, you can call (719) 243-3365 or (888) 602-5014 for A Ride In Luxury, (719) 687-3456 or (877) 587-3456 for Colorado Springs Shuttle, 719) 237-2646 or Front Range Shuttle, (719) 633-1181or (800) 345-8197 for Gray Line, 719) 590-8687 or (800) 772-6254 for Ramblin Express and (719) 362-6332 for Rocky Mountain Ride.

Ski Resort Shuttles

For a fast and comfortable trip, you can contact and make reservation for the shuttles that carry passengers to the ski resorts around the airport by calling (719) 687-3456 or (877) 587-3456 for Colorado Springs Shuttle or (719) 362-6332 for Rocky Mountain Ride, which serves on the same route.

Hotel Shuttles

Hotels located nearby Colorado Springs Airport such as Radisson Inn/Airport, Holiday Inn Express-Airport, Holiday Inn Airport, Hilton Garden Inn Colorado Springs Airport, Hampton Inn, DoubleTree Colorado Springs, Hotel Elegante' Conference & Event Center, Comfort Inn/Airport, The Cliff House at Pikes Peak or Cheyenne Mountain Resort provide shuttle services from airport for their customers. Some of the hotels offer shuttle services for no charge, while some may charge you for it. If you wish to use shuttles for traveling to your hotel, you can learn the departure times and fees if requiredby giving your flight information to your hotel.


There are several taxi companies serving at the Colorado Springs Airport. Taxi fares do not differ much between the companies. If you wish to know about taxi fares or call a taxi, you can contact Pikes Peak Cab LLC by calling (719) 888-9000, Springs Cab by calling (719) 444-8989 or (719) 444-8686, Yellow Cab by calling (719) 777-7777. Traveling by taxi is quite comfortable and convenient as they take you from terminals and bring you to your destination in the city centre. If your luggages are too many and heavy, you can also consider using alternative services such as Lyft, which provides larger vehicles.


Lyft, like Uber, offers carsharing services and it is one of the most convenient ways to travel from Colorado Springs Airport to the city centre for passengers. By making your reservation in advance, you will be able to take a Lyft vehicle which will be ready at your landing time from a determined location outside the incoming passenger terminal. If you wish to use Lyft when you land at the airport, you can download the application on your phone before leaving the terminal and continue your journey non-stop by calling an available vehicle nearby. Lyft drivers usually have knowledge of specific locations and routes of the city; however, you will have a better chance of finding your way around by taking a map and directions to your destination with you.


You will find the rent-a-car offices next to the luggage claim point at the Colorado Springs Airport. There are many international rent-a-car companies such as AVIS, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, National, Dollar and Hertz to choose from. If you wish to speed up the renting procedure, you can contact and make reservation by calling (719) 574-8579 for Alamo, (800) 327-9633 for National, (719) 596-2751 for AVIS, (719) 597-1271 or (800) 527-0700 for Budget, (719) 591-6644 or (800) 736-8222 for Enterprise, (719) 596-1863 for Hertz and (800) 654-3131 for Dollar.


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